Cedar Spring Farm

Here’s the pre-order/pre-pay procedure for Steve Neason’s Cedar Spring Farm:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/cedarspringfarmofenumclaw/ after about 1:00pm on Tuesday and before 12noon on Wednesday.
  2. Review the posting “Available for pre-order this week” dated Tuesday of that week. Products, prices and quantities available will be posted there.
  3. Select the items you wish to order and list them in a private message (PM) on the Cedar Spring Facebook page.
  4. Steve will respond to your PM with what he can provide, on a first come/first served basis. He will include a link to the Square Invoice page where your personal invoice will be listed and where you can securely enter your credit card information.
  5. On Thursday morning, he will pre-package your order, usually in a paper grocery bag. He will bring the bags to the market and store them at his stall.
  6. During market hours, you can drive up to his stall in the drive-thru lane and he will load your order in your trunk, or wherever you prefer.

Steve prefers that drive thru pre-orders be picked up *after* 4:00pm, but if necessary, earlier pickup between 3:00pm and 4:00pm is fine.


Here is the pre-order/prepay procedure for Caroline VanStaden and Josh Hershfield’s Gustoblende products.

Call them directly at home and they will process over the phone and deliver to the market for no additional charges.
Preferred number is 425-433-6047. Backup number is 425-433-8344

If you order online via their website, you will automatically be charged $8.00 for shipping for any orders under $100. Anybody can order online if they want to regardless and they will ship to you ASAP.

They look forward to seeing walk-up customers and will take good care of you.