Kids’ PoP Club

Through the Kids’ Power of Produce (PoP) Club, all children ages 2 to 18 in our community will learn about how to shop at the farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables. Once signed up, they get tokens to spend each week at the market when they check in at the PoPClub Table.

The Kids’ PoP Club offers a win-win for everyone. Kids are encouraged to try new foods and make smart shopping choices, all while learning through hands-on activities that cover everything from agriculture to art. It’s also an equalizer, providing all kids a chance to access fresh, local produce regardless of household income. Plus, kids get to know the farmers who grow their food, fostering community connections. This program injects over $4,000 a year into the pockets of local farmers, strengthening our local food system.

  1. Come to the PoPClub Table at the Market Information Tent
  2. Sign up for the program
  3. Get Kids’ PoP Club Tokens
  4. Use tokens to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from our farmers
  5. Take home nutritious and locally grown tasty food!
  6. Come back every week for more!

Activities and prizes will be offered throughout the season.

EPFM’s 2024 PoP Kids Club is made possible in part through the financial support of Mutual of Enumclaw, community sponsors, and individual donors. EPFM is grateful for this support, and for the dedication of many volunteers who curated, produced, and present activities every week, and support Kids’ PoP Club in other ways. If you would like to help keep Kids’ PoP Club thriving, please donate, volunteer, or get in touch! Thank you neighbors!

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