Hell or High Water Farm

Here is the pre-order information for the Helfrick family’s Hell or High Water Farm. They will be joining the market in a few weeks.

  1. Hell or High Water Farm will post a weekly Pre-Order Form to their website:
  2. Announcements will be made on Facebook and Instagram when we begin accepting orders.
  3. Order selections can be made directly on the Pre-Order Form. We will be offering items a la carte as well as discounted bundles.
  4. Hell or High Water Farm will generate an invoice via Square payable by credit card as orders are received.
  5. Orders must be paid in full before Thursday at 3:00pm each week.
  6. Orders will be pre-packaged and ready to be picked up at the drive thru lane of the farmers market.

They are processing broilers on a monthly basis throughout the summer. They are offering pre-orders for the broilers as well and plan to reserve a portion for direct sales at market. Their July 2020 Whole Chicken Order Form can be found here: https://forms.gle/n9HeWgbXZoFndNwa8

Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns.