L & B Mini Ranch featured on KING5News

Alison Morrow returned to Enumclaw to do a feature story on young Owen Suhoversnik and his farming aspirations. Owen got to assist in the pig birthing process his first time at our President Lisa Smith’s L & B Mini Ranch. Lisa’s husband Burt did a great job highlighting the how many plateau area farmers are inspiring and supporting our youth to consider farming.

She also posted some great Facebook Live segments.

Alison was recently spotted shopping at the market on July 25 as well.

Vendor Spotlight: Meadowwood Farm

Meadowwood Happy Cow

Tom and Darlene Silliman never set out to be farmers, but like many of the vendors at Enumclaw Plateau Farmers’ Market, they are deeply concerned about knowing where their food comes from. When they brought home their baby to their 13-acre farm in Enumclaw, they were determined to control what they were eating. So what began as an adventure to provide wholesome, pesticide-free, organically grown food and milk to their family became a lifestyle.

Fast forward 18 years where baby girl is at college and Meadowwood Farms is now a WSDA-licensed raw milk dairy with a farm store in Enumclaw. Meadowwood sells raw jersey milk and cream, eggs and meat from their pasture-raised livestock which have only been fed certified organic, non-GMO feed. The farm store has freezers and refrigerators stocked with product, as well as all the necessary elements for those customers venturing into cheese-making.

Because raw milk must meet or exceed State standards for pasteurized milk, Meadowwood does not offer farm tours. It’s important to maintain the biosecurity of their operation and their livelihood, so they can ensure safe products for customers. However, anyone is welcome to shop in their self-serve farm store located on the farm. It is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily. And this summer, stop by Enumclaw Plateau Farmers’ Market on Thursdays to pick up Meadowwood’s freshest products.

Board & Vendor Profile: L & B Mini Ranch

In a true to life story about a woman who has extraordinary power with animals, Lisa Smith, aka the pig whisperer, is hard at work on L & B Mini Ranch in Enumclaw. Since she was a kid, Lisa has been raising livestock – first with goats, and now with husband Burt ethically raising hogs. The two of them, and their dozens of squealing “babies.” are nestled in the plains of Enumclaw off SE 196th, where well-loved pigs enjoy spacious pastures and pens. Chickens roam freely and their group of farm dogs greet you with interest. Their farm bustles with activity, with 3 to 5 sows giving birth a month. In the main barn–a literal piglet maternity ward and day care–Lisa, Burt and their helpers, busy themselves caring for babies (87 year to date), cleaning pens and caring for the groups of piglets, all while making room for the sow in labor.

L & B Mini Ranch works with a USDA certified processor so they can sell high quality and natural products to individuals or businesses. They also offer market hogs, breeding stock or small and primal cuts. Customer pick up year-round from the farm or plan to visit them on Thursday evenings at our very own Enumclaw Plateau Farmers’ Market. Lisa and Bust’s goal is to help provide a true farm-to-table experience for families, restaurants or caterers.

Aside from running the farm, Lisa works at Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce, supports King County 4-H and area Washington FFA groups, pitches in for other businesses and non-profits and leads the board as president for Enumclaw Plateau Farmers’ Market. She is busy, but no matter what is going on, Lisa will always make time for you and greet you with a smile. The friendly way about her and the ability to see the bright side is infectious and makes you want to pull up a stool around the fire and just hang out. You can tell from Lisa and Burt’s home, their farm and their style, that they work very hard, but also know how to have a good. You can know that with them, time with people matter. And you just might have to bottle feed a baby pig while you visit.

Of the hard work they put in, Lisa points to two driving passions:

  1. Support local businesses and farms
  2. Invest in the youth of our area though 4-H and FFA

Lisa is smart, bright and has her eyes on a long-term goal. “If we want farming and agriculture to survive, we have to support local farms and help train the next generation of farmers. If I could get everything I needed right here, that would be amazing. I’d never need to leave the Plateau.”