Meadowwood Farm LLC
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Vendor Spotlight: Meadowwood Farm

Tom and Darlene Silliman never set out to be farmers, but like many of the vendors at Enumclaw Plateau Farmers’ Market, they are deeply concerned about knowing where their food comes from. When they brought home their baby to their 13-acre farm in Enumclaw, they were determined to control what they were eating. So what… Continue reading Vendor Spotlight: Meadowwood Farm

L & B Mini Ranch
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Board & Vendor Profile: L & B Mini Ranch

In a true to life story about a woman who has extraordinary power with animals, Lisa Smith, aka the pig whisperer, is hard at work on L & B Mini Ranch in Enumclaw. Since she was a kid, Lisa has been raising livestock – first with goats, and now with husband Burt ethically raising hogs.… Continue reading Board & Vendor Profile: L & B Mini Ranch